Alias gaming names: Fumata; Runkor; Fooom
Rift Character – Kromulok – Cleric
Gaming Bio:

I started playing EQ on the Luclin Server in 1999. In 2000 I made in game friends with some people from a small guild called Ethereal Shadows. I was part of a guild called Veil of Shadows as an officer. In time the two guilds merged together.

I had a few months of playing ShadowBane and DAOC but never invested much time in them.


In 2003 I transferred over to the Xegony Server in EQ and joined the guild HavenLight as a member. HavenLight disbanded sometime in 2004.

The members were not quite done playing EQ and wanted to stay together so I got together with some of the members and we created the guild Noble Companions and invited all remaining members of HavenLight that wanted to continue playing. In early 2006 I decided to quit playing EQ and turned Noble Companions over to another officer to lead.

Windasani and I were planning to create forums and a website and prepare a guild for Vanguard. During this timeframe while waiting on Vanguard to release I dabbled in World of Warcraft and we opened up a branch of our guild in WOW which we renamed to Organized Chaos.

Vanguard released and we created our guild Organized Chaos there. At first we had many members from all areas of my gaming history join the guild. Our guild made it to the end game and had successful raiding before we all finally gave up on it all for various reasons.

The guild then tried a brief stint in Age of Conan but we were all quite disappointed in it after a very short timeframe.

Bored with nothing to play, my ES friends convinced me to play EQ2 with them in their Ethereal Shadows Guild that they have had established since release. So in October of 2008, I rediscovered a fun MMO and raiding guild and have been playing that for around 2 years. Reconnecting with my old friends from ES was great. Eventually many of the members of OC also came to EQ2 and joined ES. Everyone got along great and we really have merged into one big guild now.

We created a guild for RIFT. The guild name is Ethereal Shadows. We started in VIP beta and are a casual raiding guild. A lot of ex guild members from HL/NC/OC have also come to join the newly merged guild in ES. We are having a blast in game, not racing for anything but rather casually enjoying the raid scene.

Characters of past:
Fumata Faka – 60 Cleric – Luclin, EQ – Veil of Shadows 99-02
Kromulok – 70 Cleric – Xegony, EQ – HavenLight / Noble Companions 02-06
Runkor – 70 Warrior – Xegony, EQ – HavenLight / Noble Companions 03-06
Fumata – 45 Rogue – WOW – Organized Chaos 06
Runkor – 58 Warrior – WOW – Organized Chaos 07
Kromulok – 49 Rogue – Vanguard – Organized Chaos 07-08
Kromulok – 38 Xotli – AOC – Organized Chaos 08
Fumata - 90 Rogue Brigand - EQ2 - Ethereal Shadows 08-11
Runkkor - 90 Pally - EQ2 - Ethereal Shadows 08-11
Fooom - 90 Templar - EQ2 - Ethereal Shadows 09-11

Soul BuildsCrafting Skills
Sentinel Druid Justicar Armorsmithing