So I really have no clue on dates, so I will just label sections by game names.

Diablo 2
Ya...everyone did it, quit judging me!

Started playing with my brother Dryk. I never really had a max level character or any raiding experience, but I was so young it was probably a good thing. I was known to my friends as a "legend" of Paludal Caverns since I made so many new chars and spent so much time there.

World Of Warcraft
I started on an alliance server by the name of Gorona, playing with some RL friends. I then moved to PvP Mal'Ganis where I played horde with my brothers and some of his friends. Then back to Gorona where I got my Paladin to max level and started raiding. My guild broke up (I think) when Burning Crusade came out. I went back to Mal'Ganis where my WoW experience just kinda fizzled out.

Again following my brother I came to VG. I played many chars, my favorite overall was a necromancer, which was different for me because I never play casters. I still have not found a game that has a caster as fun as VG necro. Like many other games I never had a max level or raided.

I played a dwarf engineer. This was probably the most fun I have ever had in PvP. I would just run around spamming AE grenades. I was usually top kills, killing blows, and damage. Never got max level however because everyone else quit and I lost interest.

Age of Conan
I actually enjoyed this game despite EVERYTHING that sucked about it. There really was no endgame and I pride myself on the fact that I got a level 80 (max) barbarian before everyone quit.

Everquest 2
This is my most successful game. I have a max level dirge and usually raid on a regular basis. I have a Shadowknight alt and an Assassin alt, but neither really get much playing time.

Misc. games
There are a ton of random games I have played. Fly for fun is childish at best, but is still really addicting and fun to play. I also played Runes of Magic for a bit. There are probably some others, I will add them as I recall.

Common Names
All the names I have used have come from other games, I usually reuse all the same names.

Kalash - Used since EQ
Jerhk - Pronounced Jerk
Wayte - Was my name before Dryk used it
Toron - First used in EQ2

Most of the time I enjoy DPS classes overall. If I had to make a list of classes I play it would go as followed:

Melee DPS
Ranged DPS

Utility classes kinda come in random for me, it just depends how I feel.


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